Dong Seong /PCB販売職(安山・韓国)

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 ちょっと「Good Life」をテーマになんか書いてくんない?と言ってお願いしたら、意外な感じの文が返ってきた。いや、純粋な彼らしいというべきかも…。


 というわけで韓国、チェジュ島出身ドンの「Good Life」をお楽しみに!


“Hello. You been staying here for a long time?”

One day, I was at a backpackers in Australia, I spoke to a guy using computer at living room.

At first, I thought he is a Japanese so I spoke in Japanese, of course.

But the surfer-look guy, wearing mustache and blond and permed hair, looked to be in trouble and modestly said “Ah, well.. I don’t understand Japanese.”

I never saw he was hanging out with any Japanese people so I thought he is a difficult person but actually, he is not a Japanese. He was always moving with a Swiss guy called Mario.

 ”Indonesia is so nice.”

I don’t know where he went during his trip because actually he did’t talk so much about himself, but he seemed to have gone to Bali and come to Australia.

It’s pretty surprising (or unbelievable) that he used to be a hard-work business person in his country. The way of his talking is like, really pure and like childish. Well, but once he said “I’m going to make a trading company after going back to Korea.” 

“Do you know Chijimi? A Korean pancake. We eat Chijimi in rainy day in Korea. Did you know that? Soak in soy sauce.. this is awesome! Real Korean pancake, wanna try?”

For Dong, I am the first Japanese friend. He hadn’t had a lot of relationship with foreign people in his life so each happening impressed his heart in other countries.

I just asked “Do you wanna write something? About Good Life?” He gave me an unexpected article.

Please don’t miss his Good Life!




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