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すごく大切なことを伝えたいけれど、ことばが カタコトだとやっぱり十分にそれが伝わりません。

今回英語版を作成するにあたって、イングランドのレスターという町に暮らす、二八歳のベンと二七歳のジェニーン夫婦がつくった Yinglishというグループに手伝ってもらいました。







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Need to help your translation?

Yinglish Translation is a translation experts company based in Leicester located in the centre of England and a cosmopolitan city with people from all races, backgrounds and cultures which has lead it to becoming one of the most ethnically diverse cities in the United Kingdom.

And Yinglish was found by husband and wife, Ben and Janine Hall.

“We believe that language doesn’t have to be a barrier between people.” Janine says.

” Through learning a foreign language ourselves we understand the stress that can come from being misunderstood, therefore through providing proofreading services we enjoy helping ones have confidence that their material is understandable to others and their meaning is not being lost in translation.”

The word, Yinglish came from the word English with Chinese word for English (yīngwén). This is to represent how translation can connect people and combine cultures.

Yes! They can translate your words into Chinese too.

They help the proofreading for our magazine quickly and accurately. Feel free to ask for help to Yinglish Translation Service.

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