What is “FLOPS & LINES”?

FLOPS & LINES is a zine distributed by 10 people who live around the world and do different things.

The theme is “Good Life”.


We are living in the different situations and different places but in the same time. Some people in a country believes idea strongly and others not. So, I was just wondering if they express in a certain theme and I collect them, what will happen.

FLOPS & LINES is not for a self-help book. It’s just a certain scene of a person’s life.

Yes, just like a short movie.


FLOP /flɒp , flɑːp/ noun 

  1. the movement or noise that something makes when it falls heavily
  2. (Informal) a place to sleep; temporary lodging

LINE /laɪn/ noun

  1. a long thin mark on a piece of paper, the ground, or another surface

People in journey with backpack, move from hostel to hostel. On the way, they meet someone and leave. It’s like a life. That’s why FLOPS & LINES means a life.



They are only Japanese version. But some articles are written in English as well.



FLOPS & LINES vol.3 (in progress)

FLOPS & LINES english ver (in progress)

Distributors for FLOPS & LINES (english version)

Here are introductions of distributors by the director of FLOPS & LINES, Shin Fukuda.